Tuesday, May 18, 2010


By Gary Opper, Managing Member, Levie-Opper, LLC

There are many tricks to avoid falling into the traps of Ponzi Schemes. With more and more scams occurring in our economy, it is wise to be aware of how to stay clear of their snares. This article will explore four of the most significant ways to detect and evade Ponzi Scheme pitfalls.


An easy way to detect a Ponzi Scheme is taking notice when an investment opportunity sounds too good to be true. A fraudster will make lofty promises for a guaranteed return; however, with any legitimate business investment there is risk involved. Therefore, it would be impossible to be assured of receiving a specific profit and/or rate of return. Affluent businessman Donald Trump has stated, “Some of my best investments were ones I didn’t make.” Follow “The Donald’s” lead and skip investing in an offer that seems too good to be true.


A product that appears to be unique or exotic is a cause for concern. It is not wise to invest your money on an investment that seems too risky or is unfamiliar. Investments that offer a rising return or that claim to provide remarkably steady returns, regardless of the current market conditions, should give pause. Due to the current state of the economy, even the most solid investments will note fluctuation from time to time. Furthermore, any funds you receive back should be given consideration, as they may be funds that originate with other investors.

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