Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MORTGAGE FRAUD UNFORTUNATE GROWTH INDUSTRY –Statistics, FERA, Adding Mortgage Fraud to Your Practice and Mortgage Fraud Types - Part 4


Now is the right time to add mortgage fraud to your law practice. It has become the “hot topic.” It is usually the lead article of magazines and newspapers. With the growing cases of fraud, the government is seriously and aggressively pursuing guilty parties. A vast amount of money is being provided to the FBI, the Attorney General, the Department of Justice and other governmental agencies are working towards tracking down fraud and punishing the guilty parties. Because of the rampant outbreaks of mortgage fraud, it is a productive, worthwhile and rewarding area of exploration.

According to noted criminal defense attorney Brian H. Bieber, “The mortgage fraud industry has exploded to depths no one could fathom. On the state and federal levels, prosecutors are scrambling to find sufficient resources to arrest indict and convict individuals. The targets are not just mortgagees, but are mortgage companies, low, mid and high level executives. Many cases; however, are defensible. Experienced criminal defense lawyers know which questions to ask, which documents to look at and they can assist in pinpointing where the fraud began and who is responsible under the law.” Forensic mortgage fraud accounting can assist lawyers to determine the proper questions and documents.

Fraud cases can be both criminal and civil. Civil cases can involve lenders suing mortgage un-professionals, appraisers, title companies and private mortgage insurance companies.

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