Wednesday, July 14, 2010

THE MORTGAGE FRAUD TRIANGLE: Pressure, Opportunity and Rationalization - Part 1

Fraud has become a rampant occurrence in the mortgage industry. It has become such a common practice that many people are getting away with it. There are numerous reasons why an individual would commit this illegal act. By utilizing the mortgage fraud triangle, we can explore the pressure, opportunity and rationalization.


Unfortunately, many mortgage companies create a corporate culture that allows for corruption to occur. Techniques to commit fraud were taught to their new employees as part of instructing them in mortgage processing. Lenders have also created programs on how to detect fraud, which were then used by dishonest brokers as ways to actually conduct it. Through the combination of financial pressures, employer pressures and a lack of ethics there was too great a temptation created and brokers have begun to take the risk and commit fraud.

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