Wednesday, July 28, 2010

THE MORTGAGE FRAUD TRIANGLE: Pressure, Opportunity and Rationalization - Part 5


Of course, in the broker’s mind, he is not seeing himself as a criminal. He feels like he was simply allowing a borrower to realize the American dream of homeownership. Yes, the broker financially benefited from the transaction; however, he feels he is entitled to the compensation for his technical skill in closing the loan.

After fraud has been committed on a frequent basis, it becomes easier. The individual is no longer bothered by their ethics or morals. It just becomes a continuous activity and feels normal. In fact, it may become enjoyable for them to find new ways to close loans and defraud their employers. They may even rationalize things by believing that if they weren’t the ones to do it then it would simply have been done by another broker. It then becomes an expectation to them.


Mortgage fraud can be viewed in a triangular pattern. Through pressure, the broker feels like there is the opportunity to commit fraud because it is a necessary action. Due to the frequency of the commission of fraud, a greater number of avenues must be explored to put an end to this terrible plague.

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